Everything You Should Know about Sports Guards

Everything You Should Know about Sports Guards

Aug 31, 2021

Everyone dreads the idea of having to lose one of their teeth. However, imagine how significantly more traumatic it would be for you to lose more than one tooth because of an accident or injury. While the probability of accidents may not be high for you, they are higher for people who actively indulge in sporting activities. Any kind of sporting activity can put you at high risk for dental trauma, but high-contact sports are even riskier.

If you are just beginning your sporting career or are fond of high-contact sporting activities, visit us at Marshfield Dental Group to get sports guards.

What Are Sports Guards?

They are plastic oral devices that fit over the teeth like a dental tray, used in dentistry to protect teeth and jaws from impact. These mouth protectors act as impact barriers from external pressure on the face area around the oral cavity. Sports guard services are offered particularly for athletes and sportspeople who have made careers in high-risk activities.

At any point in their career, sportspersons can suffer dent trauma and injuries. A sports mouth guard is, therefore, a shield that they should use proactively to preserve and protect their dental health.

Exploring More About Sports Guards Procedures

The purpose of mouth protectors for sportspeople is to create an impact barrier for the teeth and jawbone. It works by redistributing the pressure from the impact evenly to reduce the effects thereof from harming one part of your oral cavity. The barrier will also reduce combat the pressure exerted between your upper and lower jaw upon an accident or injury. This impact can be from different sources, including a blow, an elbow, a ball, a stick, or a bat, to mention a few. Either way, with a mouthguard in place, you have a shock absorber that will reduce the effects of the impact on your oral cavity.

Even then, mouthguards will not protect you from feeling pain. After your injury, you may still be sore in the area of impact. The only difference is that your teeth and jawbone will be protected from breaking, fracturing, or falling off.

Why Are Sports Dental Guards Important?

To deeper appreciate the benefits of sports guards for your oral cavity, you need to learn about the kind of oral damages you can avoid when you wear mouth protectors. Even though the mouthguards are not mandatory for all sports, wearing them will reduce your risk for some dental issues like:

  1. Chipped, cracked, or broken teeth.
  2. Partially dislodged or fully knocked out teeth – especially for the front teeth.
  3. Root and nerve damage to teeth.
  4. Cuts and bruising on your cheeks, gums, tongue, and even lips.
  5. Fractured oral devices – for example, dental crowns, tooth fillings, veneers, and dental bridges.
  6. Fractured jaw.

Do You Need Sports Guards?

As suggested by their name, these mouth protectors are very common among athletes. It is how they proactively care for their dental health, whether or not an injury occurs. In that sense, if you are involved in any sporting activities, these mouthguards are for you. This includes people in boxing, martial arts, valley ball, wrestling, to mention a few. High-contact sports put you at a higher risk of dental injuries than other sports.

However, even though you do not have a career as an athlete, you can still benefit from these protectors for your mouth. Non-contact sports and recreational activities are also reasons enough for you to get a mouth protector for your oral cavity. Whether you are skateboarding, horseback riding, or participating in gymnastics, you can wear mouth protectors to protect your teeth in case of any dental injuries.

Where to Get Sports Guards

Mouth protectors are not hard to acquire. Many people get them over the counter, without any restrictions. There are different types, each presenting different benefits. However, if you are diligent about proactively protecting your mouth from external impact, talk to a dentist near you. Dental experts customize mouthguards for patients based on their dental formula, size of their mouth, as well as personal needs. The kind of mouthguard realized thereof, snugs perfectly to your teeth, offering ample protection. If you would like to get sports guards today, reach us at Marshfield Dental Group for an appointment.

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