Digital X-rays in Marshfield, MA

Thanks to modern dental technology, our patients can be more comfortable when visiting us for dental procedures. The new technology includes digital x-rays that create better images for dentists to view your teeth.

Create Better Images On Screen

Instead of needing to take more x-rays when our dentists need to focus on a small spot they see on film, digital x-rays allow our dentists at Marshfield Dental Group to enlarge or enhance images on the computer. Along with making images bigger, dentists can change the settings for the contrast or brightness to better view fractures or identify spots they see on screen.

No Waiting for Processing

Traditional x-rays require developing film to see the images of the jaw and teeth. Processing can take about 10 minutes, which means that you spend more time in the exam room alone. However, with digital x-rays, the images are available almost instantly so that you don’t need to wait a long time to see our dentists at Marshfield Dental Group in Marshfield, MA.

Less Waste Associated with Digital Machines

Since digital images don’t need processing, the machines do not require hazardous processing chemicals. Also, since digital machines use less radiation to take images, there is less disposal required. Not needing to dispose of more hazardous chemicals make digital machines more environmentally friendly.

Better Treatment Plans

The ability to enhance or enlarge images gives dentists at Marshfield Dental Group better views of your teeth, jaw, and soft tissues of your mouth. They can then give a more precise diagnosis of dental problems and come up with better treatment plans to fix your teeth.

If it’s necessary to visit a specialist for additional treatment, then the digital images can be easily shared with the specialist, and they won’t need to take additional ones at their office.

Processing digital x-rays are quicker, the settings are easier to change, and the problem with your teeth can be repaired precisely due to the precision of the images that our dentist has available to them.

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