Exams & Cleanings in Marshfield, MA

Dental exams and cleanings are critical components of preventive dentistry. While brushing and flossing at home is essential, professional care goes a long way in keeping dental problems at bay. Adults and children alike should book dental exams and cleanings every six months. This way, your dentist will keep an eye on your oral health and provide timely intervention in case of any concerns.

Marshfield Dental Group provides dental exams and cleanings to patients of all ages in Marshfield, MA. We advise parents to get their children started on exams and cleanings as soon as their teeth start erupting. The earlier you get your oral hygiene on the right path, the better your prospects of enjoying excellent oral health for a lifetime.

What Happens During Your Appointment?

If you’re coming in for exams and cleanings in Marshfield, MA at our dental practice, the following will happen:

  • Our dentist in Marshfield, MA will carefully examine your oral cavity to check whether you’re in good health and if you’re showing any worrisome symptoms. In particular, our dentist will check for signs of tooth decay, gum inflammation, lesions and rashes, tooth fracturing or injury, and anything else that points to an abnormality. Our dentist will also flag any orthodontic problems such as misaligned teeth, overbite, and underbite.
  • Our dental hygienist will perform a careful yet meticulous cleaning, which includes the removal of plaque and tartar, and professional flossing.

Benefits of Regular Exams and Cleanings

Regular exams and cleanings allow you to get the professional help you need before dental problems get out of hand. Sometimes, cavities and other dental issues may be hidden to the naked eye. A dentist uses their professional training and dental tools such as dental x-rays and impressions to identify the early signs of dental problems.

Regular exams and cleanings can help you to avoid invasive, complicated, and expensive dental procedures down the road. For instance, a cavity that’s caught in time can be repaired using a dental filling instead of waiting until root canal treatment becomes necessary.

Your oral well-being has an impact on your overall health. Paying attention to your oral health by scheduling regular exams and cleanings near you can help you safeguard your overall well-being. Call Marshfield Dental Group today if you’d like to enjoy excellent care during your exams and cleanings in Marshfield, MA.

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