Home Teeth Whitening in Marshfield, MA

Many of our patients ask us about home tooth whitening in Marshfield, MA. While our dentist near you offers professional tooth whitening, it’s possible to whiten your teeth at home as well. At Marshfield Dental Group in Marshfield, MA, we can help our patients by giving them advice on how to whiten their teeth safely and effectively.

If you’ve tried whitening your teeth at home without significant results, you should look for a dentist in Marshfield, MA. The tools and equipment we have in our office will be more effective.

Home Teeth Whitening

Patients can whiten their teeth at home and there are many options available. The key is to know which products to use, how often to use them, and the right amounts. At Marshfield Dental Group, we explain to our patients that bleaching gel is used to whiten teeth.

Bleach helps remove stains from our teeth to make them brighter. Using too much bleach can damage your teeth. We can tell you the right amount to use. Additionally, we can make custom-made trays that are placed over your teeth.

You’ll put the bleaching gel in the tray then put it over your teeth for a certain amount of time. We’ll measure your teeth, and the tray will be manufactured based on these measurements. Using a tray can make home tooth whitening easier.

In-Office Whitening

Many patients choose to start whitening their teeth in-office and continue the process at home. If you’re in a hurry and want your teeth whitened in a single visit, you’ll need to do it in-office. Using the tools and chemicals we have, we can whiten your teeth in a couple of hours. This shouldn’t be done at home because it’s too risky. Whitening your teeth at home will require several days of bleaching gel applied to your teeth.

We recommend that patients see a dentist before deciding to whiten their teeth at home. Doing so can help protect your teeth from the possible side effects of the excessive use of bleaching gel.

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