Preventive Dentistry in Marshfield, MA

Preventive dentistry is done to keep your teeth in good shape. You should visit a dentist near you for preventive dentistry in Marshfield. These visits should be twice a year or once every six months. At Marshfield Dental Group, we value natural teeth and understand their importance.

Our teeth aren’t just used for chewing and eating. They also play a role in speech and have a significant impact on our appearances. Decayed and damaged teeth will affect a person’s life in many ways. Visiting a dentist in Marshfield for regular preventive services is essential. We don’t want our patients at Marshfield Dental Group to only see us when they’re experiencing discomfort. By keeping up with your regular visits, you can keep your teeth in excellent shape for decades.

Dental Sealants

During a regular or preventive visit, we’ll examine your teeth and clean them. We can also perform a few procedures that will help protect your teeth against bacteria and their harmful effects. Our teeth have grooves and notches. They’re most prominent in our hind teeth and are naturally present.

We can use composite resin as a dental sealant to close these notches. Why do we need to seal them if they’re natural? Bacteria can use these grooves to hide from toothpaste. They will then grow and potentially cause problems in the long run. Dental sealants eliminate these hiding spots to keep your teeth healthy.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments are procedures where we expose the patient’s teeth to high concentrations of fluoride. This is different from the amount of fluoride in toothpaste. The dose is high and has to be calculated based on the patient’s age and weight. Using too much fluoride can damage the patient’s teeth.

Fluoride is effective when it comes to stopping decay and strengthening your teeth. Dental sealants and fluoride treatments are highly recommended in children. Adults can get them too, but their value and benefit are higher in children starting the age of five years.

To find out more about our preventive dentistry near you, give us a call.

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